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Bulletproof Coffee

16 Dec Certified Clean Coffee: Bulletproof Coffee Review

At the Salerno Center, we are always making new friends and trying out the great recipes that others are recommending. Those office hours usually include one stretch between noontime and closing that can lead to an empty stomach. Not wanting to go hungry, or to eat junk food, one of our friends, Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Executive, introduced us to one of his delicious Bulletproof Coffee. Part Certified Clean Coffee, part grass-fed butter, part MCT oil; we drink it as part of our 3 o’clock beverage snack when energy begins to...

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High Fat Diet

07 Dec High Fat Diet Of A 117 Year Old

  Living to a long age is the great goal, being able to experience the most that life has to offer is the outcome. But the only way to live long is to practice healthy habits. Those healthy habits differ from person to person. In the case of Emma Marson, an 117-year old woman from Italy, her habits include living single, and most importantly, eating raw eggs. Emma credits her old age by these healthy habits, along with others. But let's take a look at one of Emma's healthy habits, something we...

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06 Dec The Salerno Center Blog Now Available on Google AMP

The Salerno Center Blog is now available in the Google AMP search results on your mobile device! The team here at The Salerno Center want to provide our readers with accurate health news and advice as quickly as possible. The Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Project) delivers The Salerno Center articles to your device on web pages that load faster than any other web page. We worked with our Google AMP Developer to make sure that all the great features of our content are still there, including slideshows, video, Facebook, Twitter, and more.  These slick, slimmed down mobile pages...

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Broccoli Benefits

30 Nov How Broccoli Can Help Your Hormones

Many different people will talk to you about the latest superfood. It usually has some exotic name and has a very unique regional history that predates the modern age and showcases the wonderful strengths of certain people. The chia seed is known for its nutritional value and having roots in Latin America. But there are also staples of the American diet that can be known for their nutritional values and reflect the unassuming nature of the hard workers. One of those staples is the vegetable, broccoli. Originating from the Mediterranean region,...

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Organic Food Benefits

18 Oct Why Eating Organic, Non-GMO and Non-Processed is Best

In my own practice with patients, I have always recommended choosing organically grown foods over conventionally grown foods. Reason being is that non-organic food tends to be grown in soil that has been exposed to herbicides, pesticides and other chemical additives. These chemical toxins are dangerous as they get into the crops and impact our long-term health. Many food crops are also known for being genetically modified, such as soy, corn, rice, canola, cotton sugar beets, and certain types of papaya. Furthermore, these crops are, many times, used as animal feed...

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18 Mar Gluten Allergies? Don’t Forget to Address the Yeast

With gluten allergies do not forget to address the yeast. Gluten sensitivity is an ever growing health issue with multiple complications! For example, many of our patients at the Salerno Center will show very poor absorption levels of vitamins, fats and proteins that require iv nutrient therapy. These gluten sensitive patients often additionally show a high level of candida yeast overgrowth in the bowels! So gluten sensitive patients are then always placed on a yeast free diet for at least a month. This diet avoids all fermented items including cheese, vinegar...

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Butter as a Superfood

16 Jan Butter! The Old New Superfood!

When you think of Superfoods, you should think of Butter. Butter has been around for thousands of years. But butter has gotten a bad reputation for many years. The low fat diet craze that started in the late 1950’s, left us fearing butter, and worse, switched us over to margarine and more processed oils. But be aware, butter is healthier than margarine and most oils out there. You just need to be informed on why that is. We are talking about real butter; Organic, raw, grass fed, unpasteurized butter. Yummy! Butter...

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The Dangers of Soy

07 Jan Soy! Not as Healthy as You Think!

You may have heard many people and even experts tell you to consume more plant based proteins, such as soy. The idea that this is a healthier food is not exactly accurate. This supposed health food, unfortunately, isn't so healthy after all. In fact, the dangers outweigh the benefits. To clarify, we are discussing soy that is not fermented. Fermented soy products will be discussed a bit later. There are hundreds of studies linking soy consumption to many different health issues. From autoimmune disorders to cognitive issues, soy plays a large...

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Beat the Holiday Bulge

11 Dec Beat the Holiday Bulge!

The next few weeks are filled with celebration: family, turkey dinners, leftover lunches, and plenty of pie. The holiday season is the reason why January is so busy for healthcare offices and fitness centers. Many people leave December with what college students call the “Freshmen 15.” It is the extra weight that happens to be gained because of all the holiday parties, office gatherings, and family events that feature all those delicious comfort foods. Before you even think of trying to diet, here are some strategies to beat the holiday bulge...

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Digestive Enzymes Benefits

02 Dec The Benefits of Digestive Enzymes

What are Enzymes? Enzymes are natural substances, more like proteins, that are found in all organisms, including plants, animals and humans. They help to facilitate all chemical reactions in the body. Without them, things would not work as well, and would move at a much slower pace. Digestive enzymes, specifically, aid in the digestion and assimilation of nutrients from the foods we eat. Stomach Acid Digestive enzymes work very well with stomach acid, in fact they are best friends. If you don't have enough stomach acid, you will have trouble breaking down your...

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