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First off, hormones are arguably the most important communicators found in the body. Without them, your metabolism, even if it is a bit sluggish, would have no gumption at all.

To better understand what the leptin challenge test is and what it does, we must first shed light on a hormone called ghrelin. Whenever you’re hungry, ghrelin is always present, and acting on the pleasure centers of your brain – it makes you feel rewarded.  But many other factors affect these hormones, such as sleep, stress, lifestyle habits, and the hormone insulin. In fact, insulin can actually lower levels of ghrelin, and it can increase leptin, which of course is known as the hormone that tells your body to curb your appetite.

As a very powerful hormone that controls the energy, storage, and utilization of appetite, it’s important to note that leptin is created by fat cells. According to current research, leptin is responsible for both eating and reproduction. Whether you’re hungry, eating, or possibly trying to conceive, leptin is there to inform your brain how much fat you are carrying and what to do with all of it.  However, if the body builds up a resistance to the leptin signals, it opens up the floodgates for the development of diabetes, heart disease, reproductive complications, autoimmune diseases, and even decreased longevity.

What does the leptin challenge test do for medical testing?

As leptin levels are carefully evaluated, we can begin to unravel the food mysteries behind the initial weight gain. You see, since other testing oftentimes overlooks this crucial relationship, they cannot be trusted. Yes, establishing a healthy food intake is important, but if your leptin is high, your risk of being pro-inflammatory goes up. Not only does leptin determine how much fat you have, but also where it eventually ends up, which research shows is near the heart. Plus, leptin is responsible for regulating body temperature, and it has a direct influence on the thyroid gland.

Successful Weight Loss Strategies

Just as your body can become resistant to insulin, it can build up a tolerance to leptin too. Therefore, a good diet strategy, targeted supplement protocol, and a leptin challenge test can enhance your ability to burn fat, all by way of a simple, yet effective test.

This test, which is featured exclusively at the center, is combined with our signature glucose tolerance test, a 3-hour test monitoring glucose, insulin, and leptin levels every half hour over a set interval of time for overall accuracy, accountability, and maximum health assurance.

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