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CHF Intravenous Therapy
(congestive heart failure)

CHF Intravenous Therapy
(congestive heart failure):

      If you suffer from a family history of heart disease and are stuck contemplating the dilemma of taking medication for the rest of your life, there is natural help around the corner. CHF IV therapy, which includes taurine (amino acid for blood pressure, central nervous system function, and vitality), D-ribose (simple sugar used in the process of making cellular energy), and Lysine (amino acid used to form cartilage, connective tissue, and skin), is an important therapy that’s helpful for conditions such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, and hypertension.

Regular PriceRate of infusionFrequen
1.5-2 Hours
1-2 times a week or at discretion of physician.


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