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SPECIAL EVENT! Stop Fooling Yourself, Start Fasting with Dr. Salerno

Join us for Fasting Talk Monday, April 15th 5:30pm – 7:00pm hosted by Dr. Salerno & Marina Moiseyeva FNP! We will be: Talking about fasting: types of fasting and its benefits Focusing on one of the SAFEST, EASIEST, SHORTEST & MOST EFFECTIVE FASTING that ACTUALLY DONE WHILE EATING DELICIOUS FOOD – FASTING MIMICKING DIET. Providing…

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Special Event – “Brain Boosters & Busters”

Did you know that… Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the US? As of today, NO CURE was found. The good news is that Dementia & Alzheimer’s disease are HIGHLY PREVENTABLE. Also, general brain health (memory, mood, focus, etc) can be optimized at any age by addressing key critical aspects and…

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Shower Filter Benefits: Why You Should Use a Shower Filter

Why You Should Use a Shower Filter

When you drink a cup of water, you want that water to be free of contaminants and harmful chemicals. However, many of us don’t realize that we don’t just need clean water to drink but to bathe in as well. The water from the shower can also be harmful, and it can affect your health…

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Nourish Your Body with These Helpful Winter Self-Care Tips

Winter Self-Care Tips

Love it or hate it, here in New York we experience the winter season, sometimes in full force. Winter is the one time out of the year that many have problems trying to find the positive aspects of the season. While the snow can be beautiful, the idea of digging your car out of the…

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The Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

The Dangers of EMFs

Every day, more and more people are waking up to the serious health conditions that can be caused by overexposure to high-intensity electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Natural EMF radiation is not harmful. In fact, all biological organisms emit and are sensitive to EMF. Ever wonder how certain animals are able to travel vast distances, back and…

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The Dangers of Modern Cookware (and How to Avoid It!)

Dangers of Modern Cookware

Before you reach for your favorite pan or kitchen gadget to cook your next meal, you might want to take a closer look at what it’s made from. It might surprise you that your cookware could be making you sick, or worse. In May of 2015, hundreds of scientists from various disciplines published “The Madrid…

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What is MTHFR? How do we test for it? What you should do if you test positive?

Should you get tested for MRHFR?

Watch, Listen or Read Dr. John Salerno’s Interview on MTHFR! Below you will find an easy-to-read transcript of Dr. John Salerno’s monthly interview. You can click here to watch the interview on YouTube, click here to listen to the podcast on iTunes, or simply read the easy-to-follow transcript below. Enjoy! RC: Hello everyone, this is Liz…

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Guess What is Increasing in Popularity Lately?

The Ketogenic Diet

If you are overweight or obese and have High Blood pressure or Diabetes, you may have to lose weight however you can. To do that you may have to adjust your diet and do more aerobic exercise. The problem is that despite the best efforts of many, reaching individual weight loss goal(s) remains a mirage.…

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