Thyroid Disease

Proper Thyroid Disease Diagnosis

March 28, 2021

Hypothyroidism is an extremely important condition to diagnose and treat properly. Our thyroid gland is responsible for metabolism, energy, mood, and to maintain proper weight. Symptoms associated with hypothyroidism are: cold hands and feet, hair thinning or loss, fatigue, weight gain, depression, constipation, and dryer skin. Patients will also complain of low body temperatures. Since…

Fight Fat with Fat

Eating Steps to Dieting Success

February 10, 2021

The Road to Good Health, Normal Weight, and Long Vigorous Life Join the Fight Fat with Fat Marathon, and you can expect to lose two to five pounds a week, you will not feel hungry, and you should not suffer cravings. If you do, I will tell you what to do about them too. As…

Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss

The Ketogenic Diet

December 8, 2020

The Ketogenic diet was popularized and redefined by my great mentor Dr. Robert Atkins. I have additionally reformed the diet further over the last several years. How does it work, and why does it work? Ketogenic literally means the creation of ketones. Ketones are a substitute fuel for our bodies when glucose is not readily…

Carb Factor

Salerno Center is Happy to Reintroduce Carb Factor

November 4, 2020

The Salerno Center is happy to reintroduce Carb Factor, a natural nutrient designed to block the absorption of starch and help with weight gain. Carb Factor contains an extract of white kidney bean, which through over 20 carefully designed studies, is shown to block a key enzyme that digests starch. As such, starch is not absorbed…

Prevent Diabetes

The Importance of Diet

July 30, 2020

First of all, let me repeat: You can prevent diabetes from ever developing by eating properly. Even if you already disturbed the blood sugar and insulin resistance, you can stop them in their tracks without drugs simply by changing the way you eat. This applies even if your parents and or siblings have type two…

Chicken Thighs in a Mushroom Sauce Recipe

Chicken Thighs in a Mushroom Sauce Recipe

July 8, 2020

Meatier thighs have a great flavor, and if you buy them boneless and skinless, they are oh so easy to deal with. This recipe is on the table in under 15 minutes. Chicken Thighs in a Mushroom Sauce Recipe Makes 4 servings Ingredients: 2 cups chicken broth 1/4 cup tomato paste 1 teaspoon dried rubbed…

Branzino with Walnut Puree Recipe

Branzino with Walnut Puree Recipe

June 23, 2020

This delicious recipe is courtesy of California Walnut Board, Chef Ethan Stowell of Union in Seattle. This is a quick and satisfying supper. Branzino with Walnut Puree Recipe Makes 4 servings Ingredients: • 1 cup California walnut pieces, toasted a moment in a dry skillet • 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil, plus 2-3 tablespoons •…

Immune Factor Plus

Introducing Immune Factor Plus

June 11, 2020

The Salerno Center is excited to announce our new product Immune Factor Plus, which is designed to potentially be effective against many viruses and to boost immunity. It consists of over 12 heavily researched nutrients that have been shown to boost immunity and destroy viruses and bacteria. The products are all produced at an NSF…

Cytokine Storm

COVID-19 and the Cytokine Storm

May 29, 2020

It has become increasingly clear that the most serious outcome of COVID-19 is the so-called cytokine storm, which occurs in a small majority of patients, but which is responsible for the deadly outcomes. What is the Cytokine Storm? Cytokines are cell signaling molecules that drive cells to areas of inflammation, infection, or trauma. They essentially…