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Nourish Your Body with These Helpful Winter Self-Care Tips

Winter Self-Care Tips
Love it or hate it, here in New York we experience the winter season, sometimes in full force. Winter is the one time out of the year that many have problems trying to find the positive aspects of the season. While the snow can be beautiful, the idea of digging your car out of the snow and then having to deal with the potentiality of ice while you go about your day is enough to make anyone cringe and dread leaving their home. The winter season brings with it some unique challenges that can affect us emotionally, physically, and mentally. The lack of sunlight and warm weather can make certain individuals depressed, making it even more important to follow a self-care routine. The winter blues are a real thing, but with the right foresight, you can use some helpful winter self-care tips to flow through the season.

The cold season is coming, making some of us want to hibernate for the whole winter. While some may rather stay inside all winter, unfortunately, that is not a viable option. With winter is around the bend, stay on top of your health with these helpful winter self-care tips.

• During the winter, and especially around the holidays, it’s common for a person to feel stressed and run down. While it may be difficult to move your body during the winter, it is essential if you want to fend off those feelings of being tired and lethargic. Plus, moving is an excellent way for you to generate heat, which can help you to remain warm during these chilly months.

• Even though it’s cold outside, it is still important to get outside as much as possible, even if it’s just for a short walk, as the fresh air and the sun can work wonders for your mood. Being out in the sun can help your vitamin D levels, and spending time in nature, breathing the fresh air, can help improve both your mood and your immune system. So be sure to bundle up and get outside as much as possible!

• If you want to help your body adapt to the harsh winter season, make sure you are feeding it properly. During these cold, winter months it is typical for your body to crave foods that are warming. Listen to your body and nourish it with grounding, moist foods like roasted root vegetables, soups, and heavy stews. During the winter you will want to increase your consumption of root vegetables, dark leafy greens, and healthy fats.

• It is equally important that you stay hydrated during the winter, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Your body still needs the same amount of water, so even though it may be harder to drink water during the winter than it is during the summer, the level of importance is still the same. Don’t just rely on those “winter drinks” either, as certain ones can dehydrate you more. So while you may rather that cup of hot cider, eggnog, or hot chocolate, make sure you are drinking at least eight, eight ounces of water a day.

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