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What is MTHFR? How do we test for it? What you should do if you test positive?

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What is MTHFR?

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RC: Hello everyone, this is Liz Harvey coming to you from our studios in New York City where we are dedicated to bringing you top quality advice from many of the leading expert professionals across the U.S. In today’s episode, we are speaking with Dr. John Salerno, founder of the Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine in Manhattan on East 55nd Street between 5th and Madison Avenue. Lauded as an international pioneer in the field of anti-aging, Dr. Salerno’s techniques have been proven to slow the aging process and encourage a healthy and vitality-filled life for his patients through natural treatments.

Dr. Salerno is well known for his vitamin IVs, weight-loss treatments, and chelation therapy. He is the author of two books, Fight Fat with Fat and Salerno Solutions, which are both available on his website, Today we are going to talk about a very important topic:

What is MTHFR? How do we test for it? What should you do if you test positive?

RC: Hello Dr. Salerno, how are you today?

Dr. John Salerno: Good, how are you?

RC: I’m doing great, thanks so much for joining me.

Dr. John Salerno: Great thank you for having me.

RC: Well, thanks again. What is MTHFR?

Dr. John Salerno: MTHFR is a genetic test that we do here as a standard part of our blood lab testing. And it measures something called methylation. And it is found in patients that are particularly of Northern European descent, although we’re finding it pretty much universally across most Americans today. And it measures whether they are methylating correctly which translates to something called homocysteine, which is a protein in the blood that can cause plaque and blood clotting and even cancers and heart disease. So it is a sophisticated test. But for our purposes, for what we measure, it can determine whether a patient can detox well or not.

RC: What are some symptoms of MTHFR?

Dr. John Salerno: So MTHFR can run the gamut from both depression, fatigue, anxiety. We will see patients that will have symptoms related to heavy metals, such as severe anxiety from mercury because they can’t detox well. And that’s an indirect result of having an MTHFR genetic defect.

RC: Are certain people at risk for MTHFR?

Dr. John Salerno: Yes. As I said before, we find it very often in Northern European descent, although, with the mixture of the genetic pool in the United States today, we are seeing probably 70 to 80% of our patients have at least one flaw in their genetics that affects MTHFR.
How do you test for it?

Dr. John Salerno: Very simple. It is a simple blood test, as I said, and we do it routinely here in my office.

RC: What should someone do if they test positive?

Dr. John Salerno: If they test positive, again, it depends on what genes are involved, but mostly it is corrected by taking a methylated or natural form of B vitamin, particularly folic acid, B12, B6. And that is what we here at the Salerno Center give our patients. We call it MTHFR Factor, or MTHFR Factor 2.

RC: Thank you, Dr. Salerno. We know you’re extremely busy so I just want to thank you for your time and your help today.

Dr. John Salerno: Oh, you’re very welcome. Thank you.

RC: And for our listeners across the country, if you are interested in speaking with the doctor, please visit or call 866-582-7454 to schedule an appointment.  And on behalf of our team, we want to thank you for listening. And we look forward to bringing you more top-quality content from our country’s leading experts.

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