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Top Three Heavy Metals That Could Be Affecting Your Health Right Now

Heavy metal toxicity is more common among our population than people even realize. It’s in our chicken dinners; it’s in our chocolate bars, and it’s in our shampoos. Over time, these metals can accumulate in the soft tissues of the body and cause irreversible damage.

Here are three common heavy metals to watch out for and their effects on the body:


swordfish mercury

Even in small amounts, mercury has been known to cause brain damage, digestive problems, kidney damage, and much more. It can be found in fish, consumer products such as fluorescent light bulbs, electrical fixtures and thermostats.

When shopping for foods and products, be sure to check all of your labels. Try to limit your fish intake to two portions a week to prevent your mercury levels from rising.

Overexposure to lead can cause high blood pressure, anemia, kidney damage, as well as damage to our peripheral nervous, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and renal systems. Children are most at risk when it comes to the neurotoxic effects of lead. It’s most often found in art supplies and paints, hair dyes, PVC products, and even foods such as refined chocolate, candies, and canned foods.

Be sure to have your kids screened regularly for lead poisoning by a professional.
Arsenic toxicity is linked to breathing problems, lung and skin cancer, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of vitamins, and much more. Arsenic is most commonly found in rice, chicken, beers and wines, some seafoods, and veggies in the cruciferous family.

Do your best to limit rice consumption. If you do consume it, be sure to wash it thoroughly before consumption.

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