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The One Vitamin That Can Potentially Prevent a Brain Aneurysm

brain-aneurysm-vitamincLast Friday, Lisa Colagrossi, a great reporter at WABC in New York, NY, died from a sudden brain aneurysm. An aneurysm, a bulge that indicates a weak arterial wall, can potentially be prevented from rupturing with high-dose vitamin C therapy. According to The Society of Interventional Radiology, 1 in 20 Americans have some sort of aneurysm.

Much like an overinflated tire, the damaged vessels over expand. It has been found that patients with lower vitamin C levels in their blood are more likely to have an aneurysm. While most people do not exhibit symptoms, as was the case with Colagrossi, who just happened to finish shooting an assignment the day she passed away, up to 3 percent bleed and can carry serious health consequences.

Most mammals, with the exception of humans, manufacture vitamin C on their own. However, humans must rely solely on their diet and supplements to maintain sufficient levels. Vitamin C helps strengthen collagen, the main structural protein found in connective tissue, and has a direct effect on arterial health. Collagen is made-up of several different amino acids and vitamin C. Along with its antioxidant activity, vitamin C helps also balance blood pressure and repair cellular damage.

Dr. Sydney Bush, a Doctor of Optometry in the North of London, recommends 3000mgs of vitamin C for prevention a day and, for some, up to 10,000mgs a day. He has shown the reversal of plaque in the retinal arteries with his regiment; with much of the data being documented on the Vitamin C Foundations site here: (

Along with diet, taking regular amounts of vitamin C, either through high-dose vitamin IV’s or supplements, can increase arterial wall strength and they potentially treat brain aneurysms.

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