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Strength Training for Healthy Bones!

Weight lifting is not just picking up heavy, cumbersome objects and putting them down many times. The science behind the impact of weightlifting is well known and researched. But, the positive results of weightlifting are often not mentioned, besides the obvious benefit of looking good and having muscular tone and definition. Beneath the surface of the body lays the real positive result to the bones and joints of the body. Weightlifting, also known as resistance training, can do a lot for bone health. But a tailored training program is key, especially for specific age groups. Starting off as a beginner, especially if less experienced in resistance training programs, will help to reduce the potential for injury and increase the benefits.

Concerns about the musculoskeletal system increase as individuals get older. The endocrine system tends to decrease the supply of certain hormones that impact bone and joint health. This leads to the lack of natural support for the musculoskeletal system and lowers bone density. And the risk of low bone density come as a result of diet and lifestyle, among others. Low bone density, while only one of many factors, can lead to osteoporosis and an increase in the potential for fractures. To devise a natural way to treat and strengthen the musculoskeletal system is to look to fitness and develop a suitable weight training program.

The benefits of strength training are numerous. Successful weight training programs improve bone health and density. The best part about a good weight training program, in relation to bone density, is that people of all ages can experience a significant improvement in their bone density. Of course, the growth in bone density is greater in younger people but still impacts older people in a good light. Joint health is also supported by a suitable weight training program. In fact, with a proper flexibility and stretching addition to your program, it can reduce symptoms related to arthritis. The thought that too much movement combined with strength training will only cause more damage to joints and bones is often incorrect. After consulting with your medical doctor, especially if suffering from complications from arthritis, plan with a professional personal trainer your next steps, because movement is life.

What’s next with resistance training, once your joints are experiencing less pain, are the benefits that come from the development of your musculoskeletal system. Enjoy the feeling of more movement in your life and an increase in your energy and metabolism. Enjoy your life more because your investment in it will bring you into a healthy aging process.

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