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Soy! Not as Healthy as You Think!

You may have heard many people and even experts tell you to consume more plant based proteins, such as soy. The idea that this is a healthier food is not exactly accurate. This supposed health food, unfortunately, isn’t so healthy after all. In fact, the dangers outweigh the benefits. To clarify, we are discussing soy that is not fermented. Fermented soy products will be discussed a bit later.

There are hundreds of studies linking soy consumption to many different health issues. From autoimmune disorders to cognitive issues, soy plays a large part in many health problems we face today.

Some things you should know about soy

• Soy can impair thyroid function
• Soy can cause fertility and hormonal issues in both men and women
• Soy is not a complete protein
• Infants consuming soy formula have increased risk for hormonal issues and have much higher levels of estrogen compared to those who drink milk based formulas.
• Over consumption of soy foods can trigger estrogen dependent tumor growth
• Soy can cause vitamin D deficiencies
• Soy can cause severe food allergies
• Most soy grown in the US is genetically engineered

Soy foods to avoid

• Soy milk
• Cheese made from soy
• Ice cream made from soy
• Edamame
• Tofu
• Meatless products made from soy
• Soybean oil and soy lecithin
• Soy protein
• Soy creamer
• Soy noodles
• Soy flour

Furthermore, soy contains anti-nutrients and phytates. Phytates, from phytic acid, prevents the absorption of the minerals, magnesium, zinc, iron, and calcium.

Yet, other dangers still occur with soy, in the way it is processed and grown. It is usually bathed and washed in large aluminum tanks using a type of acid. This type of processing can increase the amount of aluminum we are exposed to through soy consumption. Also, it’s important to remember that soy is sprayed heavily with pesticides.

It’s not all bad

This brings us to our last bit of information about soy. All soy is not bad for you. In fact, fermented soy is very beneficial. If soy is grown organically and fermented, it is healthy and also very rich in Vitamin K2, which is important for maintaining strong bones, and a healthy heart.

When eating fermented soy, focus on Miso, Natto and Tempeh. All of these have been through a fermentation process that has removed the anti-nutrients and made it easier for your body to absorb its vitamins and minerals.


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