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Scientific Proof Low-Carb Atkins Diet Is Best

Low-Carb Atkins DietThe results of one of the most scientifically based and comprehensive study of diets in premenopausal overweight women are in! and The low-carb Atkins Diet is the clear winner.

The Journal of the American Medical Association compared the Atkins, Zone, Ornish, and the LEARN diets both for efficacy in losing weight and for blood markers to asses risk for stroke and heart disease, and the low-carb Atkins Diet by far was superior!

The patients in Atkins had the greatest drop in blood glucose, triglycerides, insulin, and blood pressure; the greatest rise in good HDL cholesterol and the greatest drop in body mass and percent body fat after one year.

This all translates to an dramatic decrease risk in heart disease and stroke for patients following Atkins compared to all the other diets. JAMA is considered one of the world’s most respected, traditional medical journals! The statistics do not lie.​

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