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Salerno Center Program for Reversing Coronary Artery Disease

The Salerno Center is excited to announce a revolutionary program which has been shown to reduce plaque in the coronary arteries.


The diagnostic testing for heart disease called an ultra-fast cat scan or 64-slice cat scan is a simple five-minute X-ray that shows how much plaque, is measured by the amount of calcium there is in each of the coronary arteries. The higher the score the more likely one is to suffer a heart attack.

The cause of coronary plaque is multiple but mainly occurs due to high blood sugar, insulin resistance, hypertension, high triglycerides, inflammation, high homocysteine heavy metals, and genetics.

The Salerno Center’s approach to reducing plaque is multi-factorial.

A specialized form of intravenous chelation, at least weekly is begun on every patient.

Salerno vitamins are given on an individual basis based on blood results. Diet is addressed as well as lifestyle, sleep exercise, etc.

Traditional medicine generally addresses plaque with statins, which have not been shown to reduce calcium scores. In fact, what has made the Salerno Center program so exciting is that we have seen plaque reduction in several of our patients. again, which traditional medicine claiming it to be impossible!

What we demonstrate with extensive blood tests is the reduction in several parameters which contribute to plaque formation. C reactive protein, a cardiac, inflammatory marker, is reduced, triglycerides are lowered, HDL, the good cholesterol is increased, and insulin and blood sugars are reduced. Combining this with intravenous chelation and lifestyle changes, the results of the ultra-fast cat scan speak for themselves! Occasionally peptides are added subcutaneously to reduce blood glucose and insulin resistance and accelerate weight loss.

Additionally, heavy metals, which are routinely measured are significantly reduced.

We encourage you to call us to arrange for an ultra-fast cat scan to assess whether you have a significant plaque in your coronary arteries and if so we will address and commence this exciting program!

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