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Salerno Center Now Offering Coolsculpting

When it comes to our weight and where we store our fat, we are all good observers. Maybe too good. We might not be as good at noticing when we lose weight, but there are other ways to use observation as a benefit. Doctors Rox Anderson and Dieter Manstein, with their powers of observation, were able to use it to develop their groundbreaking new weight loss treatment called Coolsculpting.

To simplify, Coolsculpting is a process where cool treatments are applied externally to problem areas of fat retention. The fat reacts to the cold by breaking down and being reabsorbed into the body. Anderson and Manstein found this out when they observed changes in the faces of people sucking on frozen popsicles in the summer. They noticed changes in the cheeks of people who ate popsicles. Why did they suddenly develop dimples on their cheeks where there were none before?

This prompted the scientists/medical doctors to use their training to look more into the puzzle of why sucking on frozen popsicles developed dimples in people who did not have them before. Following patient research and implementation, Drs. Anderson and Manstein began to develop an understanding of what happened. They found out that, when subcutaneous fat comes into contact with a specific cold temperature range, it reacts in a different way than the surrounding tissue. They also found that after the subcutaneous fat gets injured from the cold, that the body actively tries to get rid of those subcutaneous fat cells.

This was really fascinating, because, all of a sudden, a possible treatment existed that could target problem areas of stubborn fat storage in the body. Called Coolscuplting, or Cryolipolysis, this treatment could target those problem areas. Within weeks results could be noticeably measured! The real benefit is how this cold is applied. Nothing requires invasive treatments that go under the skin. This is just a treatment that goes on the skin surface. In contrast to the invasive liposuction, which requires a doctor to physically puncture the skin and suck out the fat pockets, Coolsculpting lets your body do the work for you.

Seeing the positives of such treatment, Anderson and Manstein received FDA approval for the treatment in 2010, leading the way for patients to observe changes in the way their body looks without a major invasive process. Coolsculpting is now available at the Salerno Center. Combined with our specially tailored programs that include nutritional supplementation, diet, and consulting services, Coolsculpting can help you observe the curves you love, and lose the ones you don’t.

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