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Physician Training – A Message From The Doctor

When I first started my practice, I was surprised by the lack of proper physician training for complementary medicine. That’s why I have spent the time to put together a group of vital topics that will help you identify hard to solve medical issues. Over a two-nine day period, we will discuss key health topics including:

Unlock Your True Potential

All training seminars and workshops are conducted at The Salerno Center, located in the heart of Manhattan. You may also select to have Dr. Salerno train on-site with you and your staff at your own treatment facility. After completing a training session, all participants will receive a certificate of accreditation from The Salerno Center. Dr. Salerno also offers comprehensive three-year programs, where participants will continue to train one month per year at the Center and also at the physicians’ own facilities.

What Happens After I Finish the Physician Training Program?

Q: When I complete the course, what will I be able to do? 

After Dr. Salerno finishes his hands-on physician training, you will be able to:

  • Improve patient relations using expert communicative skills
  • Recognize every new patients medical concerns with confidence
  • Run a business that’s profitable and sustainable
  • Design eye-catching content to convert new patients and, more importantly, a brand
  • Source pure, potent, and clinically effective supplements for your practice
  • Order the correct tests from reputable companies
  • Learn essential skills in nutrition, lifestyle, and hormones
  • Boost referrals and become a respected individual in the field

Q: What other training materials come with the program? 

A: Along with Dr. Salerno’s expert one-on-one guidance, attendees will receive in-depth lecture notes, state-of-the-art iv therapy protocols, cutting-edge vitamin knowledge, and much more.

Q: If I finish the course and I still need some training, what are my options? 

A: As with most learning experiences in life, its important to take a refresher course once in a while. Even though you may have finished the course some time ago, Dr. Salerno is constantly making improvements. As advancements are made and new research becomes readily available, the course grows and changes.

Q: How do I know if Dr. Salerno’s Hands-On Physician Training is right for me? 

A: If you have any questions regarding the program, and are still unsure about whether the program is a fit for you, we strongly suggest you schedule a call with Dr. Salerno  prior to committing.

IV Thera – Vitamin IV Licensing Worldwide Centers

Dr. Salerno is very excited to share his nearly 20 years experience of iv vitamin protocols. Every protocol offered at IVThera was developed by Dr. Salerno and continually modified and updated to get them just right! We have seen some truly remarkable healings at the Salerno Center in New York City through the years!

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