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Why Eating Organic, Non-GMO and Non-Processed is Best

In my own practice with patients, I have always recommended choosing organically grown foods over conventionally grown foods. Reason being is that non-organic food tends to be grown in soil that has been exposed to herbicides, pesticides and other chemical additives. These chemical toxins are dangerous as they get into the crops and impact our long-term health. Many food crops are also known for being genetically modified, such as soy, corn, rice, canola, cotton sugar beets, and certain types of papaya.

Furthermore, these crops are, many times, used as animal feed for farm-raised fish and factory farmed meats and dairy. These foods can lack many important nutrients and then must be altered in order to restore their nutritional value. One of the main problems is that there are a plethora of long-term health issues that are associated with all these chemicals, pesticides and GMOs that we don’t know much about.

In addition, food that has been chemically treated, altered and highly processed are more likely to cause weight gain. Processed food does not allow you to feel satiated. Do you ever wonder why you can eat a whole family size bag of potato chips, fat-free yogurt or tons of candy? They send messages to your brain basically saying, “You aren’t full yet, keep eating.” So even though it claims it’s only 100 calories and no fat, it can still hinder your weight loss goals. These chemical additives can cause unexplainable cravings, hypertension, food sensitivities and blood sugar fluctuations.

When food is eaten in its natural state, it satisfies you. A portion of organic meat and organic, full-fat dairy will help stabilize blood sugar, give you lasting energy and feed your brain the nutrients it needs. Choosing more nutrient dense foods will only aid in combating health risks in the long run. If you’re looking for more information on which high-fat foods are best for weight loss, check out my latest book, Fight Fat with Fat. In it, I outline a meal plan specifically designed for rapid fat loss.

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