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Berries are Powerful

Living in the modern world can be quite challenging. To live successfully, we need to learn new skills constantly. Take your smartphone, for example. We have to get familiar with newer editions with new applications constantly. This constant adaptation is not limited to the technology industry. Rapid changes are also happening in the healthcare industry. We have no choice but to adapt to innovations in healthcare constantly.
Nutrients in Berries
Weight loss is one of the areas in medicine that has proven a big challenge. There is general agreement among the experts that diet and exercise should remain the cornerstone of every weight loss regimen. While some are driven to lose weight because of esthetic considerations, health concerns should make everyone interested in knowing their body mass index (BMI). Numerous studies have clearly linked obesity to cancers of the colon, gallbladder, liver, pancreas, breasts, and uterus.

We are proponents of the Ketogenic diet at the Salerno center. The ketogenic diet involves liberal quantities of good fats while limiting carbohydrate intake. This makes the body burn the long chain fatty acids in adipocytes (fat cells) to fuel the brain. While on the ketogenic diet, it is important that nutrients are delivered to the body to ensure optimum performance. Berries are an important source of these nutrients and are very attractive because they are low in sugar.

Here are some nutrients in berries, we’d like you to know about:

Catechins– tumor inhibition, blocks LDL from entering arterial walls, blood vessel relaxation, lowers cholesterol, prevents stroke and cancer.
Carotenoids-anti-oxidant, immunity, sight improvement, heart disease, and cancer prevention.
Flavonoids-inhibits LDL, lowers blood pressure, blood vessel relaxation, heart disease and cancer prevention.
Ellagic acid– blocks metabolic pathways that can promote cancer.
Lycopene– cancer-fighting anti-oxidant.
Polyphenols– blood clot inhibition, prevents heart attacks and strokes.
Proanthocyanidins-blocks cholesterol in arterial walls prevents heart disease.
Quercetin-improves pancreas function, modulates insulin release, free radical scavenging, prevents cancer and diabetes complications.
Tannins-blood clot inhibition, heart disease prevention.
Resveratrol-prevents blood platelet aggregation lowers cholesterol, immune system support. Heart disease prevention and cancer prevention.

Berries are a powerful addition to your diet that will help you adapt to our challenging world.

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