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Ditch Your Coffee and Enjoy This Delicious Matcha Latte Recipe Instead!

A widely consumed beverage throughout Asia, matcha packs a mighty punch. This delicious beverage is full of amazing health benefits, as it helps contribute to weight loss, detoxification, and has anti-aging properties. While green tea is known to be beneficial to your health, the nutrients that are included in matcha is what sets it apart from ordinary green tea. Unlike traditional green tea, matcha contains the entire leaf of the tree, so you are able to ingest all of its powerful nutrients. In fact, it is believed that matcha contains 10x the antioxidants of ordinary green tea, and is helpful for cell renewal and detoxification. Plus, with the L-theanine present in matcha, you are better able to protect yourself from the nasty side effects of stress and instead enjoy a crash-free calm, while remaining energized and focused.

Looking for ditch your morning coffee to give your adrenals a rest? If so, try a cup of matcha by following this delicious matcha latte recipe.


• 1 cup of milk or milk alternative
• 1-1½ tsp of matcha (depending on quality, adjust to taste)
• 1/4 cup of hot water
• Sweetener to taste (i.e., honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup)


1. Place matcha powder into a mug and add ¼ cup of hot water. Let the tea “bloom” in the mug for 1-2 minutes, while you rapidly whisk using a wooden matcha whisk or a small metal whisk to help break up any small pieces of powder.
2. If you have an automatic milk frother, heat, and froth the milk. Otherwise, add the one cup of milk, your choice of sweetener, and the bloomed matcha to a small saucepan. While continually whisking, heat the mixture until you see bubbles around the edge.
3. Pour mixture into a mug, and adjust sweetness as needed. For decoration, you can add a light sprinkling of matcha powder on top.
4. Serve and enjoy!

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