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How to Keep Your 2018 New Year Resolution

The experts tell us that weight loss ranks among the most popular New Year Resolutions. They also tell us that many make these resolutions in good faith but, however, many are unable to keep their resolution(s) after trying for a few months.
How to Keep Your 2018 New Year Resolution
When it comes to weight loss, we are with you all the way. Even if you are not a fashion model or a bikini model, we are in agreement with you that there are plenty of health reasons for you to want to get rid of those unnecessary pounds. While Hypertension and Diabetes could result from being obese and overweight, they can be looked upon by some as diseases they could tolerate. However, a stroke resulting from high blood pressure is a condition that will take away the pleasure of life from someone in an instant. And we are only talking about a stroke without even mentioning cancer that may involve life-sapping treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Let us not digress. At the Salerno center, we encourage you to lose weight by urging you to adopt the ketogenic diet. We’d like to discuss with you more about the Ketogenic diet at the center. We urge you to get ready for a more youthful you in 2018 by:

• Investing in your kitchen. Clear out your kitchen and make space for healthy food. Ensure that you are well known at your local grocer for your choice of fruits and vegetables. Learn about healthy fats. Bacon, cheese, milk, butter, avocados etc. Learn how to turn these healthy fats into the most delicious meals. Get the books the Silver cloud diet and Fight Fat with Fat for the most mouth-watering recipes.
• Keep a schedule. Ensure that you get your 7-9 hours of sleep. Ensure that you use your kitchen to churn out the healthiest of meals. Ensure that your 30 minutes of aerobic exercise is on your schedule.
• Ensure that you see us at the Salerno center as often as necessary. Toxins from the environment such as lead and mercury may prevent you from participating fully in aerobic exercises. We are ready to address such problems.
• Join a gym. It is important that you choose your gym carefully. Ensure your gym is classy enough for you to get your 30 minutes (or more) of moderate exercise without unnecessary interruption. Hire a personal trainer if necessary.
• Ensure that you have a friend who is in shape in your circle. Seek out such people and ensure that you participate in social activities together.

At the Salerno center, we are always ready to discuss more strategies with you.

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