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High Fat Diet Of A 117 Year Old


Living to a long age is the great goal, being able to experience the most that life has to offer is the outcome. But the only way to live long is to practice healthy habits. Those healthy habits differ from person to person. In the case of Emma Marson, an 117-year old woman from Italy, her habits include living single, and most importantly, eating raw eggs.

Emma credits her old age by these healthy habits, along with others. But let’s take a look at one of Emma’s healthy habits, something we like to talk about, eating fats. Emma states that her diet consisted daily of two raw eggs for a very long time. She also nibbles on cookies. Disregarding those sweet treats we know as cookies, raw eggs are very nutritious and beneficial. Eggs are jam-packed with vitamins, fats, and protein. Compared to other foods with similar nutrient profiles, they are also less in calories.

But it is not just the fact that they are eggs, it is that they are raw eggs that make it so important. When an egg is cooked, the heat alters the nature of the nutrients and also reduces the compounds that help your body absorb those nutrients. In a raw egg, you get more omega-3 fatty acids, lecithin, vitamin D, lutein, zinc, and B vitamins. That means more vitamin D to help regulate the body’s nutrient balance, more omega-3s to lubricate the joints and liven up the skin, more Zinc for boosting the immune system and fighting colds. Those raw eggs are starting to sound pretty good!

A lot of the nutrients in the raw egg are fat soluble when the egg is not cooked, so the fact that it doesn’t come in contact with all that heat also does wonders for the body because the egg comes with all the fat you need to absorb those vital vitamins. While Emma may have hit the lottery in terms of aging, she also won the good diet contest, too. We cannot guarantee that eating two raw eggs a day will prolong life by that long, but we can say you will have more life in your years!

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