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Foods That Will Taste Better in June

Some things are just better in the summer. Everyone looks happier and feels healthier. Nature is in full bloom and no one is shy about being out and about in the sunshine! To help you really kick off the start to the heatwave, we have compiled a list of foods that taste better during the month of June, so you can enjoy it to the fullest!


Though it starts showing up in the spring, the best asparagus available is the kind you get early on in the summer. June’s asparagus is thicker and more textured than those varieties you would get at the beginning or end of the season. This makes it ideal to add to your favorite summer salad for a nice crunch at your next BBQ or gathering!


These are the quintessential summer fruit! When you start to see the “pick your own strawberries” signs, that’s your cue to head to your local farm stand or farmers market and get the best strawberries available! June is the best time to enjoy these gorgeous, red berries in your next fruit salad, in strawberry shortcake, or even just all on their own. Who doesn’t love strawberries on a hot summer day?


Both spring garlic and green garlic are at their best in June. Garlic is so versatile and can be thrown into anything from bread dough before it bakes, to your favorite pasta dish. Expect it to be plentiful among the farmers markets this month and don’t forget that its edible from stalk to bulb. Fresh garlic is amazing for pizzas and stir-frying too!


June is the month of the juiciest fruits available! Peaches are going to be at their ripest and full of flavor! Be sure to get your hands on at least one of these before the month is out. They are ideal for summer cocktails, smoothies, and even salads. Consider pickling them to make a peach jam so you can enjoy their freshness in the colder, winter months.

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