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Dolphins with Alzheimer’s and Lou Gehrig’s: Mercury BMAA, and a Human Connection?

The recent findings of dolphins who mysteriously lost their way and beached themselves in Florida and Massachusetts have been found to have amyloid plaque and tangles in their brains consistent with Alzheimer’s. Researchers examined the content of their brains and found high levels of mercury and a toxin produced by blue green algae called BMAA.

As the atmosphere continues to both warm and produce methyl mercury from man made pollution, oceans and lakes become increasingly contaminated with BMAA and mercury. The dolphins consume the algae and also fish, which have accumulated the most mercury up the food chain.

The implications for humans are profound.

BMAA has been implicated in humans involving ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Crabs and eels have the highest level of BMAA and interestingly Lou Gehrig himself was a prolific consumer of eels from the Long Island sound. The toxin in the algae can also be inhaled.

At the Salerno Center in New York we routinely test for mercury and other heavy metals and will soon be able to test for BMAA. The vitamin phosphatidylserine which is in the Salerno Memory Factor is effective for oral detoxing of BMAA and iv chelation with additional glutathione will detox both mercury and BMAA. These IV’s are frequently performed at the Salerno Center.

The take away is to limit most fish consumption to no more than once or twice a week and to get tested for exposure to heavy metal and BMAA.

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