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Why You Should Consider Colon Hydrotherapy

In humans, the digestive tract stretches from the lips of the mouth to the lips of the anus. Food enters through the mouth and is eliminated as waste through the anus. The colon is the last part of the digestive tract. It comprises the cecum, the ascending, transverse, descending, and the sigmoid colons, the rectum and finally the anal canal. Unlike the small intestine, the colon does not secrete digestive enzymes. It is important to note that the right half of the colon and small intestines originate from the same area in the embryo and it is not surprising that a great deal of the reabsorptive capacity of the colon is right-sided.
Colon Hydrotherapy
Here’s a list of the main functions of the colon:

• Re-absorption of water from the fluid material that enters the colon.
• Absorption of vitamins made by colonic bacteria; Vitamin K, B12, thiamine, riboflavin.
• Fermentation of carbohydrates and fatty acids.
• Urea recycling.
• Secretion of potassium and chloride.
• Immune function.
• Home for microbiome which is bacteria (and related organisms) living in the colon and are fondly called the ‘forgotten organ.’
• Compacting, storing and expulsion of digesta (gut content).
• Removal of unwanted toxins through digesta (gut content). These toxins could be potentially reabsorbed into the bloodstream if they are not removed from the body.

The colon has one the most extensive nerve supply networks and has been referred to as the ‘second brain.’ Although there’s extensive communication between the brain and the gut, experiments suggest that the ‘brain of the gut’ can function independently of the central nervous system. Diseases that affect gut function such as irritable bowel syndrome can dramatically lower quality of life. Discomfort in the gut causes discomfort in the brain and vice versa.

Colon hydrotherapy is simply the irrigation of the colon with considerable quantities of water. It has been practiced for health reasons for centuries. It is important to note that Colon hydrotherapy cannot be used to prevent or treat any known disease. Most of the reported benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy has been anecdotal. That said, there’s widespread report of positive feelings and feelings of well being after colonic irrigation. This practice is thought to be an ancillary measure to help eliminate fecal matter and potential toxins that cannot be removed by normal defecation. The practice of colon hydrotherapy is associated with other measures such as the introduction of probiotics or friendly gut bacteria into the gut.

At the Salerno center, we offer you colon hydrotherapy in an exclusive and comfortable environment.

Acknowledgement: Pic by DCLTV
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