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Bulletproof Podcast: Dr. John Salerno – Holistic Medicine, Heavy Metals & Allergies

In Bulletproof Exec’s podcast, Dr. Salerno mentions “medicine being a last resort” for healing the body. But wait, Dr. Salerno is a medical doctor, so why does he think that medicine should be used as a last resort to heal the body?

Think of an illness as a jigsaw puzzle. Each jigsaw piece is a part of the overall picture, and needs to be connected to each other to really get a good idea of what is going on in your body. Medicine is just one piece in the jigsaw puzzle and Dr. Salerno discusses those jigsaw puzzle pieces that you are not aware of.  In the podcast, you’ll hear about heavy metals in the body, getting enough sunlight in your diet, and putting butter (that’s right, butter!) in your coffee.

Listen in to learn more about heavy metals and its effect on the body. Check out what Dr. Salerno has to say about mercury, which is found in some foods such as tuna and also found in dental fillings.  Be informed on the dangers related to exposure of mercury and other heavy metals. Check out this podcast, here!

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