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Certified Clean Coffee: Bulletproof Coffee Review

At the Salerno Center, we are always making new friends and trying out the great recipes that others are recommending. Those office hours usually include one stretch between noontime and closing that can lead to an empty stomach. Not wanting to go hungry, or to eat junk food, one of our friends, Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Executive, introduced us to one of his delicious Bulletproof Coffee.

Part Certified Clean Coffee, part grass-fed butter, part MCT oil; we drink it as part of our 3 o’clock beverage snack when energy begins to slow down. This is the monotony that a Bulletproof Coffee is meant to shatter. It does this by utilizing the power of good fats, and leaving out the corrosive sugar. Those good fats include the grass-fed butter and the MCT oil, which act as slowing burning ketones for the body. So instead of the sugar rush, and subsequent crash, your brain is slowly being nourished with healthy fats that last longer. The grass-fed butter adds some vital nutrients in, too. Omega 3 fatty acids, CLA, beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin, K, vitamin D, vitamin E, and antioxidants are all a part of that wonderful crème substitute. This means the calories that are consumed within the coffee are filled with essential nutrients, and the ketonic makeup of the recipe means you will digest the coffee slower. You’ll feel fuller longer, which might reduce being hungry later on, resulting in lesser risk of overeating before bedtime.

At our office, we noticed benefits to switching out cream and sugar with grass-fed butter and MCT oil. The energy is more consistent. It seemed like the caffeine was not as big of an impact, the sweetener was not spiking blood sugar as much, and the butter was slower digesting, providing an even flow of energy for a longer time. While we feel the benefits of the ketones, forgetting to mention the quality of the coffee would be a mistake. Bulletproof Coffee is a certified Clean Coffee, which means that it has less mycotoxins than other coffees. A lot of coffee brands and grains are contaminated by molds called mycotoxins. These mold toxins are often associated with many different chronic and long-term health problems, including cancers. Mycotoxins also wear down the lining between neurons in the brain, leading to brain fog and other autoimmune disorders. Bulletproof Coffee is a specially selected brand of Arabica bean that contains less mycotoxins than others, and specific processes used to prepare the beans are designed to limit the possibility of mycotoxin contamination.

This means, that while we are enjoying the health benefits of drinking coffee, we are also avoiding the dangerous risk that comes from the molds associated with coffee. A Bulletproof Coffee break might be the best kind of coffee break there is.

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