Diet & Stress Management Slow Aging

September 26, 2013

For many individuals, eating a well-balanced diet is an essential step towards better health – but what foods you choose to eat on a daily basis can also slow the aging process. By incorporating certain lifestyle choices, such as meditation, yoga, and increased vegetable and fruit consumption, researchers showed remarkable anti-aging benefits. According to studies…

Aureo Beta-Glucan: Nutrient Dense Superfood

September 13, 2013

Black yeast, a polysaccharide, fiber, and gel-like substance, is a high-quality form of beta-glucan. This cultured, naturally derived food ingredient is free of artificial additives, pure, and contains large amounts of active beta-glucan. Because of its unique beta-1,3/1,6 molecular structure, Aureo beta-glucan, known all throughout Japan and the world, has become the foremost leader in…

Obesity: Less Diverse Gut Bacteria Causes Weight Gain, Cancer and Heart Disease

August 31, 2013

What if the bacteria that live in your body could be preventing you from losing those extra pounds? Bacteria are a natural part of our sustainable lifecycle, but little is known about just how important these gut flora may be to our future health. In fact, new research from all over the world is discovering…

Home IV Vitamin and Nutrient IV Infusion

August 21, 2013

Due to the high demand for personalized care, the Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine is proud to introduce home IV therapy, which gives patients the unique ability to receive intravenous vitamins and nutrients in the convenience of their home. With a renewed sense of independence and comfortability, our home IV therapy program decreases the need…

Major Studies Show Bioidentical Hormones May Decrease Cancer and Heart Disease

August 16, 2013

The journey from sick and tired to healthy and balanced is becoming a reality for many men and women, and bioidentical hormones are leading the way. Identical chemical messengers in every sense of the word, bioidentical hormones are completely “natural”. Unlike synthetic replacements such as Premarin, bioidentical hormones are derived from plants – which are…


Breastmilk Boosts Brain Function

August 6, 2013

What if breast milk could boost infant IQ levels? According to new data featured in the Project Vida study, researchers surveyed 1,312 mothers and children. As the results were tallied, researchers noticed a notable increase in picture-vocabulary tests and overall intelligence scores. These are wonderful findings, but many mothers are not initiating, nor do they…

Health is the Greatest Wealth Sweepstakes!

July 23, 2013

Health is the Greatest Wealth Sweepstakes! 1 winner will receive a one month supply of  Salerno Ultra Daily Essentials Multivitamin (valued at $295) How To Enter Visit the contest page on Read the article At the bottom, login with your Facebook Account or email Complete certain actions to gain more entries (71 is the…

PFC Exposure: Airborne Subway Toxins

July 23, 2013

When you ride mass transit, rarely do you think of toxic run-off with long-term side-effects, but that’s exactly what the New York Police Department and Brookhaven National Laboratory have in mind for the millions of daily commuters that call New York their home. Sponsored by the Department of Defense, all five boroughs and 21 subway…

Are Food Allergies Making You Fat?

June 4, 2013

While it’s true that most individuals with weight issues struggle with portion control, sugary foods, and low-fat fantasies, many are unaware of the health consequences most of these foods possess. Hidden throughout many popular products, including sauces, condiments, beverages, and processed goods, lurk a plethora of allergy triggers. In fact, many of these negative bodily…

Toxic Lead Found in Lipstick & Makeup

May 15, 2013

If you are what you put on your skin every day, everyone must be toxic. According to new research conducted at the University of California-Berkeley’s School of Public Health, 32 commonly sold lipsticks and lip glosses contained lead, cadmium, aluminum, and other dangerous metals. With the average user applying lipstick 2.3 times daily, you can…

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