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The Many Great Benefits of Cycling

If you have never cycled before, then we suggest you grab the nearest bike, and go for a ride. Cycling has some incredible benefits and most people can start cycling at any age. You are never too old or too young to start. Even individuals with certain injuries are encouraged to cycle to keep active, healthy, and flexible. Cycling is a low impact sport and does the whole body good. Here are some great reasons why you should ride that bike, both indoors and outdoors.

Cycling boosts your metabolic rate, even after you have gotten off the bike. You can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour, while cycling. Of course, at 1,000 calories an hour, you would have to be cycling intensely and at your maximum heart rate. Nonetheless, it’s a great way to regulate your weight.

Cycling is not only good for your legs, but is excellent for your cardiovascular system. It increases endurance, stamina, and can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease. How’s that for 2 wheels!

Cycling is wonderful for reducing stress and increasing longevity. It is said that cycling can add years to your life and it’s great for your mental health. Many individuals swear by it. Having a bad day? Stressed out? Take that bike out and go for a ride. Better yet, ride your bike to and from work. You will do your part in helping the environment and you will be a lot less stressed when you get to work and leave work.

And in regards to the benefits of cycling, this is taken from the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports:

“In children and adolescents, there is strong evidence for improved cardio-respiratory endurance and muscular fitness, favorable body composition, improved bone health, and improved cardiovascular and metabolic health biomarkers. In adults, there is strong evidence for: lower risk of early death, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, adverse blood lipid profiles, metabolic syndrome, colon and breast cancers; prevention of weight gain; weight loss when combined with diet; improved cardio-respiratory and muscular fitness; prevention of falls; reduced depression; and better cognitive function in older adults”.

My son and I cycle every day before school, rain or shine. We have been doing this since he was 5 years old and we absolutely love it! My 8 year old daughter has now begun to cycle with us, too. It’s really a great way to exercise and bond with your children.

So if you ever questioned whether cycling was good exercise or not, now you know.
Invest in your health and get a bike! Your mind, body and family will thank you.

Oja, P., A. Bauman, and S. Titze. “Health Benefits of Cycling: A Systematic Review.” Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports (2010). Print.
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