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Aureo Beta-Glucan: Natural Immunity Booster

Aureo Beta-GlucanEven though there are several forms of beta-glucan on the market, only one is actively potent. As we approach the wintery months ahead, it’s important to make sure your shelf contains this crucial immune enhancing compound – beta 1,3/1,6 glucan. When it comes to beta-glucans, specifically the kind derived from black yeast, there is no better immune supporter than Aureo beta-glucan.

According to studies, beta-glucans act as immunomodulator agents, meaning they regulate immune activity. Macrophages, which are immune cells that originate from bone marrow, are given direct orders to attack foreign invaders, plus they release cytokines, a critical cell-signaling chemical. Macrophages can be found in all tissues, including organ, blood, and lymph. Together, these chain reactions provide a strong barrier against many complex human ailments.

When ingested, beta-glucans can actually help bolster white blood cell count, which has been shown to help bind tumors, viruses, and stop infections from spreading. In fact, lentinan, a substance found in beta-glucan and studied at Teikyo University’s Biotechnology Research Center in Kawasaki, Japan, is showing promising results as an aide against cancer growth.

Not only does beta-glucan help your cells, but it also has a proven track for keeping bad bacteria in check. Antibiotic resistant strains are easily neutralized, providing a safe, potent, and long-term alternative to popular medications.

If an individual suffers from over-immunity, daily intake of Aureo beta-glucan can actually regulate immune cell activation. When a bacteria, virus, or parasite enters the body, beta-glucan calmly waits to mount an attack. If left unprotected, individuals with compromised immunity can develop anemia, fungal infections, low white blood cell count, and environmental sensitivities, a process characterized by early aging.

What makes Aureo beta-glucan different than other products? In essence, beta glucans are simply purified forms of yeast, but the comparison stops there. Aureo beta-glucan actually removes any leftover yeast during the purification process, which means all that is left is the active ingredient. Particle size is important when it comes to overall absorption of beta-glucan, so micronization and disaggregation are necessary steps, which prevents clumping and stagnation.

Dr. Salerno approved and heavily recommended, Aureo beta-glucan is the perfect supplement for complete immune health support.

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