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How A Positive Outlook Can Improve Your Health

22 Apr How A Positive Outlook Can Improve Your Health

Depression, sadness, pain, malady, there are a dozen other well-known words for negative feelings. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and drug companies have devised many ways of treating it and identifying it. Negative psychology is so well known and focused on that many institutions have never thought to look at the opposite end of the emotional/mood spectrum, to look at positive psychology. Studying positive psychology is the art of trying to understand some of the most basic emotions associated with happiness. Whether the feeling described is content, peaceful, enthusiastic, euphoric, happiness is an umbrella...

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Strength Training Benefits

28 Feb Strength Training for Healthy Bones!

Weight lifting is not just picking up heavy, cumbersome objects and putting them down many times. The science behind the impact of weightlifting is well known and researched. But, the positive results of weightlifting are often not mentioned, besides the obvious benefit of looking good and having muscular tone and definition. Beneath the surface of the body lays the real positive result to the bones and joints of the body. Weightlifting, also known as resistance training, can do a lot for bone health. But a tailored training program is key,...

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07 Jan 10 Tips for a Healthier 2017!

  1. Consult With An Integrative Medical Practitioner For A Full Hormone Panel At the Salerno Center, we take a look at medicine from an integrative perspective. This means we take a look at your whole health picture, and this includes looking into your hormones and if they are balanced. A hormone panel is the kind of test that we take to track if your hormones are correctly balanced and in sync with your age, sex, weight, and desired lifestyle. Premature aging can be impacted by irregular hormonal levels. Hormone imbalances can...

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Benefits of Cycling

14 Feb The Many Great Benefits of Cycling

If you have never cycled before, then we suggest you grab the nearest bike, and go for a ride. Cycling has some incredible benefits and most people can start cycling at any age. You are never too old or too young to start. Even individuals with certain injuries are encouraged to cycle to keep active, healthy, and flexible. Cycling is a low impact sport and does the whole body good. Here are some great reasons why you should ride that bike, both indoors and outdoors. Cycling boosts your metabolic rate, even...

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New Year's Resolutions that Work

02 Jan Resolutions that Work!

Join a gym, walk farther, visit friends more often, or lose 20 pounds. For some, these are examples of successful resolutions made for the New Year. For most people, it is a monthly charge for a gym membership never used, a bottle of wine never opened, or a disappointed sigh as the pounds do not melt away. Gymtimidation is real, and it can be a little confounding when there are gym goers who might go a bit too far. You know the ones, they wear a weight vest on the step...

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Beat the Holiday Bulge

11 Dec Beat the Holiday Bulge!

The next few weeks are filled with celebration: family, turkey dinners, leftover lunches, and plenty of pie. The holiday season is the reason why January is so busy for healthcare offices and fitness centers. Many people leave December with what college students call the “Freshmen 15.” It is the extra weight that happens to be gained because of all the holiday parties, office gatherings, and family events that feature all those delicious comfort foods. Before you even think of trying to diet, here are some strategies to beat the holiday bulge...

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Prescription Medication Stats

18 Nov Shocking Statistics About Prescription Medication

Recently while skimming through news headlines, you may have come across some staggering health statistics. According to the latest research in the Journal of the American Medical Association, almost 60 percent of adults in the U.S are on prescription medication. Most are using medications relating to obesity, blood pressure, and cholesterol. 60 percent! That’s more than half of all adults! Although sometimes medication is necessary, we can honestly say that that number can most certainly be decreased without the use of medication, and instead through healthy diet and exercise. Since 1999,...

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running benefits

16 Sep Benefits of Running

Cardio, it’s called. Burning calories. It is also called running, and depending on the expert or fitness tracking machine, you might say that you burn somewhere from 100-150 calories a mile, while running at an average pace. Running is enjoyed by people of all ages for all reasons. Running can be done for health reasons, improving immune and cardiovascular systems. Some runners like it for its psychological benefits, as a way to reduce stress or burn off excess energy. Running can be used as a way to “get away from things...

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02 Jun Smaller, Intense Exercise Controls Blood Sugar

Exercise is something everyone knows is healthy, but many are unsure of just how much they should incorporate into their daily routines. New research is finding that small portions at a time can maintain healthy blood sugar levels. And best of all, it's measured in just a few minutes. According to new research published in this month's Diabetologia, New Zealand scientists gathered up nine adult men and women with Type 2 diabetes. Before dinner, the scientists asked the group to walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes at a moderate pace,...

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08 May Daily Exercise Reduces Skin Aging

Your skin is a delicate, thin layer of tissue that offers protection from outside elements, but it also happens to be very telling of age. The stratum corneum, the body's top, outermost layer of the epidermis, thickens after age 40. As this is taking place, the dermis, which is the skin beneath the epidermis, starts to thin. Once skin loses its natural elasticity and healthy plumpness, it tends to sag and become more translucent. These changes, which are completely independent of sun exposure, are directly related to aging, but new...

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