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The Dangers of Gadolinium Toxicity with MRIs

02 Nov The Dangers of Gadolinium Toxicity with MRIs

Throughout the year, people need MRIs for many different reasons. Some of these reasons have to do with injuries and some with autoimmune conditions such s Multiple Sclerosis. However, sometimes there are ways to enhance imaging, in making the picture of the MRI better. These doctors will often use an agent to help them see the MRI better, and this agent contains gadolinium. Unfortunately, recent evidence has suggested this might not be the best thing to do. To start, one must understand what gadolinium is. Gadolinium is one of Earth’s elements,...

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Fasting with Fat

24 Mar Fight Fat With Fat Fast

If you're familiar with fasting, you know that it usually involves abstaining from eating some or all types of food or drink, for a certain period of time. Fasts can be done for religious reasons, medical procedures and also, for weight loss. Some fasts last for twenty four hours while others go for up to three months. Fasting allows our body and internal organs a rest period, however, when fasting without food or drink, many side effects can occur. Blood sugar fluctuations, fatigue, dizziness and mood swings can occur when...

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Mercury and ALS

17 Mar The Possible Link Between Mercury and ALS

Did you know that mercury is one of the only liquid metals found at room temperature? For that reason, scientists found it to be a very curious element, indeed. In fact, they were so curious that research extensively to learn more about its unique properties. Mercury can be added to tool manufacturing as well as other tools such as thermometers and fillings for dental cavities. It’s even used in household items such as light bulbs. Much of its use has fallen aside, but it can still be found in many...

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23 Jun The Ultimate Epsom Salt Bath

Taking a relaxing epsom salt bath is the the best way to wind down after a busy day or week. But have you ever wondered if there is way to make your bath more beneficial? The answer is yes! There are several natural additions that can help your body detox and relax even further. Get ready to draw the best bath ever and feel more amazing than you ever have before! Add Apple Cider Vinegar It's no surprise that adding apple cider vinegar to your epsom salt bath is beneficial for the...

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rice arsenic

20 May Top Three Heavy Metals That Could Be Affecting Your Health Right Now

Heavy metal toxicity is more common among our population than people even realize. It's in our chicken dinners; it's in our chocolate bars, and it's in our shampoos. Over time, these metals can accumulate in the soft tissues of the body and cause irreversible damage. Here are three common heavy metals to watch out for and their effects on the body: Mercury Even in small amounts, mercury has been known to cause brain damage, digestive problems, kidney damage, and much more. It can be found in fish, consumer products such as fluorescent light bulbs, electrical fixtures...

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13 Nov Get Heart Healthy With Chelation Therapy

Do you or someone you know suffer from cardiovascular problems associated with heart disease, diabetes, and angina symptoms? While chelation therapy has oftentimes been overlooked by conventional doctors as a practical treatment measure, new research has surfaced claiming otherwise. According to a recent 10 year clinical trial conducted by the National Institute of Health, chelation therapy showed an 18% reduced risk of stroke, heart attack, and even death. If chelation therapy can help individual’s combat cardiovascular risks, imagine what it could prevent when combined with other complementary medicines. Even though chelation...

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