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IV Vitamin Therapy For Skin

05 Sep IV Vitamin Therapy For Skin Lightening

Regarding glutathione, a popular antioxidant that is also very powerful, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that it not only fights cancer and a whole range of diseases but can help treat skin pigmentation issues. Patients from around the world have sought out knowledgeable practitioners to begin glutathione IV therapy to keep their internal bodies healthy, and their outer skin healthy-looking, too. The basic message is this; glutathione supplementation can help with many kinds of skin discoloration issues. Examples of glutathione treating prevalent scarring, blotchiness, and even many...

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Environmental Carcinogens

17 Jan The Link Between Cancer and Your Environment

Traffic is boring, it is painfully slow, but did you know that traffic also contributes to environmental conditions that increase the risk of getting cancer? When it comes to environmental factors, there are some obvious factors and others which might not be so obvious. These factors are frequently called “carcinogens.” Environmental carcinogens can come in all forms and from many different places. Awareness of the various possibilities of exposures begins by identifying where those carcinogens might be. Traffic: While traffic is common in almost every city, there are a few exceptions...

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Chromium 6 in Drinking Water

29 Sep Chromium 6 in Drinking Water Gains Worldwide Attention

Since the movie in 2000, Erin Brockovich, played by Julia Roberts, chromium 6 has gained worldwide attention as a major contributor to cancer and other health issues. While the movie had a typical happy Hollywood ending, chromium 6 is showing up now more than ever in drinking water across the nation. In fact, 31 of 35 cities tested showed levels of chromium 6 including the very town in California, Hinkley to which the movie was based. In Hinkley, chromium 6 was used to cool the pumping station of Pacific Gas and...

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01 Apr Oral Niacinamide Prevents Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

Three hundred eighty-six Australian individuals with the mean age of 66, and at least 2 non-melanoma skin cancers in the previous 5 years were randomly assigned to receive, in a double-blind fashion, 500 mg of niacinamide orally twice daily or a placebo for 12 months. Participants were evaluated by dermatologists at a three-month interval for up to 18 months. The study demonstrated the relationship between niacinamide and skin cancer, as it showed a dramatic decrease in basal cell, squamous cell, and actinic keratosis, a form of pre-skin cancer, of over 23...

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Bacon Causes Cancer

30 Oct Dr Salerno Weighs in on Processed Meat Warning from World Health Organization

Avoid Processed Meat! Do Not Avoid Organic, Grass fed & Nitrate free Meat! Yes, you should avoid processed meats, they contain chemicals, fillers and ingredients that we really shouldn't be eating. However, this does not apply to Organic, Grass-Fed & Nitrate Free meat. The latest study published from the World Health Organization showed a small increase in colorectal cancer from the consumption of processed meat. Processed meats are clearly problemat-ic. They contain known carcinogens. Not only is organic, grass fed, and nitrate free meat non-toxic, it is actually healthy and nutritious. This...

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31 Jan Ultrafast CT Scan: Prevent Heart Disease & Cancer

Ultrafast, full-body CT scan, which uses a combination of advanced computer technology, is quickly becoming the highest standard in medical imaging. With the invention of this non-invasive scan, individuals now have the ability to discover blockages easier, and they can see if those same blockages were causing a lack of perfusion to the heart. As opposed to your standard X-ray, an ultra-fast CT scan shows “unique” slices of the body. These slices can be applied to any part of the body, including bones, fat, and organs, plus they are more...

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16 Aug Major Studies Show Bioidentical Hormones May Decrease Cancer and Heart Disease

The journey from sick and tired to healthy and balanced is becoming a reality for many men and women, and bioidentical hormones are leading the way. Identical chemical messengers in every sense of the word, bioidentical hormones are completely “natural”. Unlike synthetic replacements such as Premarin, bioidentical hormones are derived from plants - which are then precisely matched and compounded by pharmaceutical professionals. In fact, according to a 12 plus month follow up study featured in the Gynecological Endocrinology, 189 women patients were given natural estrogen plus progesterone with or without...

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