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Seasonal Allergy Tips

27 Apr Dodge Allergies with these Simple Tips from Dr. Salerno

Seasonal allergies are different for everyone. But, a lot of people suffer from allergies related to pollen and other Springtime changes in the environment. These tend to be heavier in Spring because pollen is being released by all of the blooming plants. Recent environmental changes have also altered plant and animal behavior, meaning your chances of exposure to these allergens might be more. Higher atmospheric temperatures signal to plants and animals to start their yearly Spring habits at different times. Less rainy days mean more days where pollen is in...

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22 Sep Bulletproof Podcast: Dr. John Salerno – Holistic Medicine, Heavy Metals & Allergies

In Bulletproof Exec’s podcast, Dr. Salerno mentions “medicine being a last resort” for healing the body. But wait, Dr. Salerno is a medical doctor, so why does he think that medicine should be used as a last resort to heal the body? Think of an illness as a jigsaw puzzle. Each jigsaw piece is a part of the overall picture, and needs to be connected to each other to really get a good idea of what is going on in your body. Medicine is just one piece in the jigsaw puzzle and...

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04 Jun Are Food Allergies Making You Fat?

While it’s true that most individuals with weight issues struggle with portion control, sugary foods, and low-fat fantasies, many are unaware of the health consequences most of these foods possess. Hidden throughout many popular products, including sauces, condiments, beverages, and processed goods, lurk a plethora of allergy triggers. In fact, many of these negative bodily responses take place long after we consume a meal. Once food enters the stomach and begins to digest, known antibodies begin creating inflammation, which can evolve into swelling, hormone imbalances, and more importantly, extra pounds. But...

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