Lisa Graham Workshop – Introduction to Essential Oils for Overall Wellbeing

Please join Lisa Graham, Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, essential oil educator & health coach who supports people to create space for clear energy, wellbeing and empowered living with the use of essential oil therapy. DATE: Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 TIME: 6:00-7:30PM LOCATION: Salerno Center 12 East 52nd Street, 4th floor TOPIC: Introduction to Essential Oils…

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Vitamin A and Measles: Prevention and Treatment Outcomes

Measles is a dangerous disease with a lacking availability of specialized therapies. This has been especially evident in the recent outbreak of measles that has reached over 80 cases – the largest outbreak New York State has seen in decades. What is Measles? Measles is an extremely contagious, viral respiratory infection transmitted through the air. Symptoms…

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Mix It Up this Holiday Season and Enjoy the Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Benefits of Black Seed Oil

A popular ingredient that has been around for thousands of years, black seed oil is often used in beauty treatments, to spice and flavor food, and offers a wide range of health benefits. This fantastic and versatile oil is extracted from the seeds of the Nigella sativa plant, a medicinal plant that is widely used…

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 IV Therapy for Autoimmune Disorders

IV Therapy for Autoimmune Disorders

Listen or Read Dr. John Salerno’s Podcast Interview! Topic – IV Therapy for Autoimmune Disorders Below you will find an easy to read transcript of Dr. John Salerno’s monthly podcast interview. You can click the video to listen to the podcast or simply read the easy to follow transcript below. Enjoy! Podcast Interview: RC: Hello…

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Six Essential Daily Supplements to Take Every Day

Supplements by Dr. John Salerno

Research shows that no matter how healthy we eat it’s still challenging to get the right proportion of all the essential nutrients that we need. Our body is healing, repairing and rebuilding itself every single day and we need to support it. One of the most significant misconceptions is that we don’t need to take…

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The Salerno Center Blog Now Available on Google AMP

The Salerno Center Blog is now available in the Google AMP search results on your mobile device! The team here at The Salerno Center want to provide our readers with accurate health news and advice as quickly as possible. The Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Project) delivers The Salerno Center articles to your device on web pages that load faster than any other…

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3 Best Supplements for the Season!

Your immune system can be easily compromised over the holidays. Alcohol weakens the immune system and lack of sleep can contribute to it’s strength, too. Well, you have a strategy for the alcohol consumption by wisely limiting it and you also know to get plenty of sleep. However, here are three of our top supplements…

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Proper B Vitamins a Must in MTHFR

Get Tested for MTHFR

It is imperative that we all get tested for mthfr, a genetic blood test which can predict our risk for heart disease, blood clots, depression,toxicity, cancer and potentially cancer and Alzheimer’s. At the Salerno Center we will measure for several genes and devise a supplement plan based on the results. If there is the presence of…

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Slim Down with Slim Factor

Slim Factor Supplement

Weight loss is an uphill battle. You lose some, you gain some. Then, you lose some and gain some more. If it were easy, everyone would be able to reach their target weight loss goals, but unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. Luckily, there are a few natural ingredients that actually work in helping you to…

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The One Vitamin That Can Potentially Prevent a Brain Aneurysm


Last Friday, Lisa Colagrossi, a great reporter at WABC in New York, NY, died from a sudden brain aneurysm. An aneurysm, a bulge that indicates a weak arterial wall, can potentially be prevented from rupturing with high-dose vitamin C therapy. According to The Society of Interventional Radiology, 1 in 20 Americans have some sort of…

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