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Should you get tested for MRHFR?

29 Mar What is MTHFR? How do we test for it? What you should do if you test positive?

Watch, Listen or Read Dr. John Salerno’s Interview on MTHFR! Below you will find an easy-to-read transcript of Dr. John Salerno’s monthly interview. You can click here to to watch the interview on YouTube, click here to listen to the podcast on iTunes, or simply read the easy-to-follow transcript below. Enjoy! RC: Hello everyone, this is Liz Harvey coming to you from our studios in New York City where we are dedicated to bringing you top quality advice from many of the leading expert professionals across the U.S. In today's episode, we are...

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Aluminum and Alzheimer's Disease

25 Dec Is Aluminum Contributing to Alzheimer’s Disease?

We have known for many years that heavy metal toxicity can contribute to a long list of chronic health problems, including some neurological diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia. A heavy metal's ability to enter the body depends on the availability of it in the environment. One heavy metal of particular concern and speculation is aluminum. Found in abundance in comparison to many other metals, society is finding ever more increasing ways to integrate the metal into our lives. Aluminum is lightweight and is considered a "metalloy," which gives it special chemical...

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06 Dec The Salerno Center Blog Now Available on Google AMP

The Salerno Center Blog is now available in the Google AMP search results on your mobile device! The team here at The Salerno Center want to provide our readers with accurate health news and advice as quickly as possible. The Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Project) delivers The Salerno Center articles to your device on web pages that load faster than any other web page. We worked with our Google AMP Developer to make sure that all the great features of our content are still there, including slideshows, video, Facebook, Twitter, and more.  These slick, slimmed down mobile pages...

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Vitamins for Brain Health

25 Jun Can Alzheimer’s be caused by an infection?

Intriguing new research today from Harvard and Massachusetts Hospital has demonstrated a possible link between infection and Alzheimer's disease. Scientists have discovered that when neurons are grown in Petri dishes then exposed to infection, a large amount of amyloid plaque is formed around the infecting agent. Amyloid is the protein found in Alzheimer's. The same process was reproduced in mice brains. It appears that amyloid functions as an immune response protein, but brains of Alzheimer's cannot clear it effectively as it becomes a waste product after fighting the infection. The amyloid actually forms...

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sleep apnea child

15 May Sleep Apnea in Children – Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever examined the sleep habits of your children? According to the National Sleep Foundation, Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a sleep-related breathing disorder that affects more than 18 million adults and 2% to 3% of children of all ages. A few questions to ask yourself are: Is your child snoring? Is your child suffering from night sweats? Are there long pauses in their breathing? Are they overly-exhausted in the morning? If so, it may be time for an examination. While most children "grow out of" a sleeping disorder, if a sleep...

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09 Oct Celiac Disease: How-to Discover it and What to do About it

Gluten-free slogans can be found everywhere nowadays, on food cartons, advertising, and restaurant menus, but there are still many individuals left undiagnosed and confused by the plethora of symptoms. Gluten, the actual protein found in grain products, such as wheat, barley, and rye, contains gliadin peptides. When ingested on a regular basis, these peptides cause celiac disease sufferers extreme discomfort and constant pain. From chronic headaches and lost weight to constant bathroom visits and extreme weakness, the body responds by waging an all-out war on the small intestine, a disease-type reaction...

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04 Sep 3 Day Spa And Health Retreat: Fight Fat With Fat

Are you tired of unwarranted weight gain? Do you have trouble maintaining a healthy waist size? Are you struggling to make healthy food choices, lacking the proper know-how, or just plain stuck? Who Can Benefit? Dr. Salerno’s “Fight Fat with Fat” program will revolutionize the way you view food and will subsequently leave you with the tools to overcome future health issues, including anyone dealing with: Physical and emotional stress Problems establishing a healthy weight Autoimmune diseases Overmedicated Individuals Food & Environmental Allergies People struggling with Type 2 Diabetes Your path to Weight Loss Includes Customized Silver Cloud Diet Food Plan Personal Tips...

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