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Ask The Doctor

TSA Medication Rules

19 Aug Traveling With Medication

You may now bring medications in carry-on baggage Recently relaxed TSA regulations permit carry-on of unlimited quantities of medications on commercial aircraft in the US. Please keep in mind the following points when traveling with medications: Prescription labels are no longer necessary. You are not limited in the amount or volume of these items you may bring in your carry-on baggage. BUT if the medically necessary items exceed 3 ounces or are not contained in a one-quart, zip-top plastic bag, you MUST declare to one of the Security Officers at the...

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04 Sep Dr. Salerno Is Keynote Speaker At The European Masters in Anti-Aging Medicine, Paris October 12-14, 2012

Dr. Salerno, a prized keynote speaker, will be presenting the latest groundbreaking research on the likely causes of metabolic syndrome, sugar toxicity, and obesity along with powerful nutritional health tools used to help Fight Fat With Fat at this years 8th annual international European Masters in Anti-Aging Medicine (EMAA) in Paris, France on October 12-14. He will be joined by some of the top leaders in the field of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine and feature a complete one hour workshop dedicated to his personalized hands-on physician training program and advanced...

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