Probiotics: Good For Your Stomach And Your Heart!

October 3, 2012

The nationwide increase in cardiovascular disease, in part, can be attributed to a lack of healthy food choices, chemically-processed additives, and sugary sweeteners (high fructose corn syrup, glucose, and fructose) along with a decrease in physical activity. But when you hear the word probiotic, the first thing that comes to mind most likely isn’t “cardiovascular…

9/11 Dust: Dr. Salerno Uncovers the Hidden Health Truths

September 21, 2012

OSR presents “Pause || Press Play>” an Art, Film & Spoken Word Collaborative at Columbia University | Barnard Hillel’s The Kraft Center, 606 W. 115th Street, NY 10025 9/11 Healing Arts Event Sept. 9th – 12th This enlightening new film by Penny Little, “911: Dust and Deceit at the WTC”, exposes the environmental disaster of…

3 Day Spa And Health Retreat: Fight Fat With Fat

September 4, 2012

Are you tired of unwarranted weight gain? Do you have trouble maintaining a healthy waist size? Are you struggling to make healthy food choices, lacking the proper know-how, or just plain stuck? Who Can Benefit? Dr. Salerno’s “Fight Fat with Fat” program will revolutionize the way you view food and will subsequently leave you with…

Dr. Salerno Is Keynote Speaker At The European Masters in Anti-Aging Medicine, Paris October 12-14, 2012

September 4, 2012

Dr. Salerno, a prized keynote speaker, will be presenting the latest groundbreaking research on the likely causes of metabolic syndrome, sugar toxicity, and obesity along with powerful nutritional health tools used to help Fight Fat With Fat at this years 8th annual international European Masters in Anti-Aging Medicine (EMAA) in Paris, France on October 12-14.…

The Salerno Center Blog Now Available on Google AMP

December 6, 2016

The Salerno Center Blog is now available in the Google AMP search results on your mobile device! The team here at The Salerno Center want to provide our readers with accurate health news and advice as quickly as possible. The Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Project) delivers The Salerno Center articles to your device on web pages that load faster than any other…

chelation therapy

Heavy Metals & Chelation Therapy

October 2, 2015

What are heavy metals? By now, most of us have heard of heavy metals, however, the problem is that most of us are not fully aware of all the dangers and long term side effects they actually have. Heavy metal toxicity  has been linked to plethora of diseases and disorders such as neurological disorders, Parkinson’s,…

dr. john salerno

Bulletproof Podcast: Dr. John Salerno – Holistic Medicine, Heavy Metals & Allergies

September 22, 2015

In Bulletproof Exec’s podcast, Dr. Salerno mentions “medicine being a last resort” for healing the body. But wait, Dr. Salerno is a medical doctor, so why does he think that medicine should be used as a last resort to heal the body? Think of an illness as a jigsaw puzzle. Each jigsaw piece is a part…

thyroid and environmental toxins

Are thyroid problems caused by environmental toxins? What role do heavy metals play in causing thyroid disorders?

September 19, 2015

The thyroid is a vascular gland that is located in the lower anterior part of the neck. The thyroid gland contains two lobes connected by a small tissue called the isthmus. Each lobe measures 50-60mm long and weighs 25-30g in adults. The hypothalamus located in the mid brain area releases the hormone called thyroid releasing…

running benefits

Benefits of Running

September 16, 2015

Cardio, it’s called. Burning calories. It is also called running, and depending on the expert or fitness tracking machine, you might say that you burn somewhere from 100-150 calories a mile, while running at an average pace. Running is enjoyed by people of all ages for all reasons. Running can be done for health reasons,…

fresh salmon cuttin board pic

Eat Here Now! Our Top 4 places to eat at in NYC!

September 2, 2015

If you live in New York City, (or visiting) you know that it is, indeed, a mecca for amazing food, not to mention, super healthy. Let’s face it, there are restaurants and burger joints and then there are Restaurants and Burger Joints worth waiting in line for.  Being that where we source our ingredients from…

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