Get Rid of Your Health Problems Once and For All

dr-john-salernoDr. John P. Salerno, Board Certified in Family Practice, is able to recognize which lab services and therapies will be of value – proven to save you time and money – with a strong emphasis on safe and effective integrative and holistic health programs guaranteed to give you:

  More energy, ideal weight, clear skin, greater memory, improved digestion, better sleep, less anxiety, and much more!

Everything You Need in One Place

Whether your issue is acute or chronic, you’ll receive amazing care because you deserve nothing less. You’ll enjoy:

checkmark-icon  Longer visits than most other doctors (never worry about a rushed visit ever again)

checkmark-icon  Getting to know the “root cause” of your medical issue, rather than only treating your symptoms

checkmark-icon  More natural, drug-free treatments that produce real-life measurable results

checkmark-icon  Easy, instant e-mail access to your doctor and medical staff

checkmark-icon  How-to live the rest of your life disease-free

“I am deeply committed to teaching and empowering my patients so that they feel inspired to stick with their curative programs, achieve their goals and ultimately take full charge of their own health.” – Dr. John P. Salerno

Salerno Center Featured Therapies

IV Vitamin Therapy: Direct, fast delivery of vitamins, hydration, energy, and detox agents into the bloodstream, which typically takes about 1-hour, gives the body maximum nutrient absorption.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy: Choosing BHRT is an important process, but so is selecting the right hormones, which is why we always use our special screening process when filling preparations and electing pharmacies.

Supplement Therapy: Omega what’s? Pregnenolone who? Don’t worry; when you visit the Salerno Center, all supplements are selected according to doctor recommendations and strong scientific data.

Dr. Salerno on CBS NY discussing the benefits of IV Therapy

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