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IV Vitamin Therapy

Direct, fast delivery of vitamins, hydration, energy, and detox agents into the bloodstream, which typically takes about one hour, gives the body maximum nutrient absorption

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Hormone Therapy

BHRT is an important process, but so is selecting the right hormones. We always use our special screening process when filling prescriptions and electing pharmacies.

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Supplement Therapy

Omega what’s? Pregnenolone who? Don’t worry, when you visit the Salerno Center, all supplements are selected according to doctor recommendations and strong scientific data.

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Meet Dr. Salerno

Founder of The Salerno Center

Dr. Salerno’s medical approach embraces the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – treating the entire person rather than just symptoms.

Who are we and who do we treat?

Our team is comprised of highly trained medical professionals who genuinely care about our patients & believe in the power of complementary medicine. We treat everyone, including celebrities. If you are suffering from any physical ailments, Dr. Salerno and his team will put customize a plan, just for you.

Salerno at desk

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you ready to get your life back? Stop battling your body and let Dr. Salerno help you take control.

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